Resort Name *

Where do you stay while skiing/snowboarding? *

On resort, or nearby city names
Most convenient airport near resort?

Domestic nearby or major airport, farther away from resort, but with cheaper flights.
Cheaper to stay at resort or in nearby town?

E.g. resort can offer deals for lodging + lift tickets. If in town write down its name.
How suitable for Beginners? *

Beginner skiers and snowboarders

How suitable for Intermediate skiers/snowboarders? *

How suitable for Advanced skiers/snowboarders? *

How good for off piste? *

How good is tree riding?

Snow quality and frequency? *

How uncrowded is resort? *

How would you rate lift infrastructure? *

Quality & quantity

How would you rate for terrain parks?

Quality and quantity of snow parks

How child/family friendly?

How is Apres-Ski?

How is nightlife?

Are snowboards banned?

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